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Percussion for your world.

DrumJam is a whole new world of percussion and drums for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Serious Percussion

The app is designed by award winning international percussionist Pete Lockett and Sonosaurus LLC, the developer of ThumbJam. Pete has been top of his game for decades and has performed with the stars, from Peter Gabriel and Björk to Robert Plant, Dido, Jeff Beck and more. He has also worked extensively in the film industry, arranging and recording all the ethnic percussion for five Bond 007 films.

DrumJam is a direct and personal route to his rhythm factory with all the individual percussion parts recorded by Pete. Build layers from a wide range of authentic ethnic percussion and drum kit loops and jam away over the top of the grooves you create. With intuitive quantized beats performed by simply dragging your fingers around, it is possible for even the absolute novice to get some funky grooves immediately.

Highlighted Features

  • Looped Instruments

    Build up layers of loops with instruments including Agogo bells, Bongos, Cajon, Claps, Congas, Cowbell, Crasher, Shakers, Doira, funk and rock Kick, Hi-hat, and Snare drums, Ghatam, Kanjira, Konnakol, Req, Seeds, Surdu, Tabla, Tambourine, the Dube, Triangle, and Wood.

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  • Solo Over the Top

    Create new grooves by soloing with all sorts of ethnic percussion instruments from Tabla and Ghatam, to Djembe, Bongos, Dube and Cajon, and many more. There are also custom solo drum kits from great drummers such as Johnny Rabb, Russ Miller, KJ Sawka, Dave Langguth, Steve Sidelnyk and Scott Pellegrom.

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  • Performance Effects

    Low-pass filter, pitch bend, delay, reverb, lo-fi, and distortion effects are available for the solo instruments, which really adds a whole new dimension of live performance possibilities.

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  • Export Loops

    With multiple save and export options, it is possible to record loops or a whole performance to later import into your DAW or other audio app as 44.1kHz 16-bit WAV files. This is great for studio use and can form the basis of a new song idea very easily.

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